About Laura:

Hello everybody!

I am Laura; a 22 year old student (and now blogger!) from Bedfordshire. In my third year at the University of Leicester studying an undergraduate degree in Criminology, I have found myself just months from graduation, mid-dissertation writing, budgeting my meagre student loans, all the while trying to eat healthily, stay active and sociable and desperately attempting to get those full 8 hours of sleep per night… It is my hope that this blog will provide a laugh, a smile and maybe just a little bit of advice (or hope) to other young women finding themselves in a similar situation.

To put it simply, I’m not the typical student! I am obsessed with; tea, candles, skincare, books, cooking & baking, slippers, fashion, cake, wine, colouring and Netflix. Okay, maybe I am a typical student. This blog will enable me to share my favourite snippets, review beauty products and select my fashion faves! I will be uploading new content every Wednesday and every Sunday so make sure you click to ‘follow’ so that you don’t miss out on anything!

I hope you love my blog and have a wonderful day 🙂