An A-Z of things I love

Hello everybody!

I have been ill these past few days and so I have decided to write a post that would really cheer me up. I have created an A-Z of things I love (excluding people!). I thought this would also give some of my newer followers an opportunity to learn a few things about me, that maybe you wouldn’t have known before. So here goes:

An A-Z of things I love…

A- ASOS… free delivery!!

B- Baking

C- Candles

D- Dogs

E- Exercising – Although I really should do more of it!

F- Fortnum and Mason’s. See entry for T.

G- Gaming. I’m actually a closet nerd.

H- Holidays

I- Ice cream… more specifically, pistachio 😀


K- Kettle chips

L- London

M- Make up… Usually from The Body Shop.

N- Netflix – Just slightly addicted.

O- Orphan Black… Possibly the best series ever to arrive on UK Netflix. Seriously, go watch it now!

P- Pokémon go

Q- Quizzes

R- Rainy days

S- Shopping

T- Tea

U- Uber. So Convenient!

V- – Swapping clothes AND saving money.. yes please 🙂

W- Winter. December baby here!

X- Xtra cheese… on everything! (Okay, I cheated a bit on this one… but X is hard!)

Y- Youtube – My current addictions are Kendall Rae and Grav3yard Girl.

Z- Zara ❤

And there we go! I hope you enjoyed reading this. It was only a super short post but I really enjoyed writing it. I’d love to see this on other people’s blogs so feel free to create an A-Z of the things you love and leave me a comment so I can check it out!

I hope you are all having a fantastic start to the week and I will speak to you all on Wednesday 🙂

LKB xxx





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