Five of the biggest mistakes made by new bloggers!

Hello everybody,

Firstly, I need to apologise for the super long break since my last post – It’s been a whole 16 days… and I am ashamed! The stresses of university deadlines got on top of me and starting a new full time job at the same time has meant I have been absolutely rushed off my feet. However, now that all of my work is handed in (YAAAY!!) I can get back to uploading regularly, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

I have now been writing this blog for nearly five months and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me! Together we have achieved way over 1000 views from over 600 people and a like/view ratio of 1:2 which is higher than I ever expected. Now that university is out of the way I am going to be able to put a lot more time into my posts and create some great content for you.

Today however, I have compiled together a few mistakes that a lot of new bloggers make. These are not just limited to new bloggers though; many quite experienced bloggers still make these errors and at one time or another I have definitely made these mistakes myself! Let’s get into it:

Not crediting sources

This is possibly one of the easiest ways that you could upset or annoy other bloggers in the industry, even if you don’t realise you are doing anything wrong. Writers work really hard on their content, often spending multiple hours or even days tweaking and finalising their work. The same goes with photographers, who spend a lot of time and effort setting up, shooting images and editing them afterwards to make sure their post is just right. If a new blogger comes along a copies and pastes their wording or uses their images without permission, they are likely to be a bit put off. This could be an even bigger issue if the person you have ‘copied’ is a key player in the industry and could jeopardise the reputation that you are trying to earn. The easiest way to get around this is to either ask their permission to use their photos or to simply provide a link to the original source (such as their blog).

Not using original photographs

Despite the obvious benefits of using your own photography (as above), another huge benefit is that your blog will become far more original and will develop a sense of character much more quickly. When readers access your blog, they are far more likely to stay if they can get a sense of who you are as an individual; something which is really difficult to get across through words alone. Therefore having your own photography is really important when trying to build a base of followers. To do this, you do not need an expensive camera or a film set or any real editing software. Depending on your topic, a phone camera will probably suffice. Try to head outside to take some photos to give your blog a more professional, vibrant feel.

Not posting regularly enough

It is easy to think about giving up on your blog after a few months. You might be running out of ideas for content, find yourself more pushed for time than before or simply can’t be bothered. I have recently struggled with this; as much as I absolutely loved writing my blog, more important tasks kept getting in the way. The important thing is that you manage to get back on track before you give up or forget about it completely. As well as uploading at regular intervals, you need to upload often enough. If you only post one short piece per month, you will find it very difficult to build up a base of contacts. When I first set up my blog I posted every single day for about 15 days and then reduced that to between one and three times per week. Now (excluding the mini-break I just took), I post twice a week on a Wednesday and a Sunday, this way my followers know exactly when to expect new content from me.

Copying other bloggers

Aside from copying content directly from bloggers, another big mistake that new bloggers make is following the crowd. The online blogging industry, particularly the fashion and beauty sector, is heavily saturated with millions of bloggers all writing about the same thing, the same products and in the same ways. Only a handful of these will become successful enough to earn a living from their writing. In order to be noticed, it is important to think outside of the box and do something different. Review a product that you haven’t seen much about online. Give your true opinions on things. You don’t have to be positive about everything all the time; readers often like to hear honest opinions and experiences as it provides a breath of fresh air.

Expecting immediate results

This is the final mistake that I have decided to talk about and for good reason, as I believe it is the most important. Success does not happen overnight, and in the blogging industry, you certainly get back what you put in. Uploading short posts that took 10 minutes to write with no real effort or work won’t get you anywhere. It is important to only upload content that you are proud to have on your blog and that you want to show off. It is far better to work for a week on one amazing blog post than to post seven rubbish ones that you rushed each day, just to publish something for the sake of it. A successful blog can take years to come to fruition but it will be worth it when it does.

Thank you so much for reading, and once again thank you for supporting me and getting me this far! You’re all amazing 🙂

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week! I’ll catch up with you on Sunday 🙂

LKB xx


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