The Dune Dinidertina – Designer Handbag Purchase 

Hello everybody!

I’ve been wanting to purchase a slightly higher-end handbag for a long time. To cut a long story short; after a trip round John Lewis and a dribble over the Mulberry bags (maybe one day!), I decided to go with Dune. I like a lot of Dune products, especially their boots, and their bags are just as gorgeous. There were a few that I liked almost equally but it was the Dinidertina that stood out for me and I chose it in black. David very kindly bought it for me! 😀

I’ve inserted lots of photos below and I’m going to tell you a few of my favourite bits about this bag, incase you guys want to get it for yourselves!

Possibly the best aspect of this bag is that both sides are equally as beautiful and so I can wear it with either side on show. I like this because it can look like two completely different bags, depending on how I want to wear it on that day. I also love that as well as having the carrying handles, it comes with the long, cross-body strap. This is detatchable and isn’t too thick or bulky. The strap is thin and adjustable with a buckle fastening.

The bag also has gold coloured studs on the bottom to protect the underside of the bag from wear when you put it on the ground. I haven’t let mine touch the floor so far though, I’m being very good! Ha-ha.

The inside is spacious with lots of different pockets, including a small central compartment with a secure flap cover. This is ideal for important documents or pieces of paper that need to be protected. I currently use this for receipts or notes that I need to keep safe and all in one place.

Overall, I love this bag and have found it to be the perfect size for me! I believe it is also available in a blush colour.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Have an amazing day 🙂


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