White Chocolate and Orange Cake

Hello everybody,

This post is a day late as I have really been focusing on my dissertation – time is really ticking by quickly now! Anyone else feeling the stress?! Ha-ha. Last week I tried out a new recipe for a white chocolate and orange cake for a friend’s birthday and everyone absolutely loved it! I have already received orders to make another one ASAP so I thought I would share it with you.

This is not a recipe of my own; I actually found it on the BBC GoodFood website. Link below:


The things I love most about this recipe are:

  • The ingredients are so simple that most people probably already have them in their kitchen! The only things I had to go out and purchase were the ground almonds, white chocolate and 4 oranges. A recipe where you have to go out and buy everything from scratch can seem too much of a challenge.
  • The recipe is so simple; no special equipment needed. This could be a fun recipe to try out with kids, pretty much everything goes into one mixing bowl, you mix it up and split it into two cake tins. The only tricky bit is separating the egg whites and yolks from each other but to be honest, that’s tricky for adults too!
  • The finished cake is soooo yummy! The orange juice makes the cake so moist and reduces the amount of sugar needed in comparison to other cake recipes.

The final icing and toping of the cake can be changed to suit the occasion. The BBC website recommends creating your own white chocolate curls and putting them on the top. I changed this detail and added hundred and thousand sprinkles and decorative orange and lemon slices. Here are a few pictures of my cake at different stages:


With the white chocolate flavours, the cake is ideal for Easter time and great for any celebrations or parties that you may have! I hope you enjoy the cake and have a fantastic Easter!


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