Gel nails of the month: March 2017

Hello everybody,

I want to begin a monthly feature where I share with you my current nail colour. I get a lot of compliments and questions from people who want to know if they are real or fake, where I get them done, how much it costs, etc. So, I thought I would answer lots of those questions in this post and keep you updated each time I get them done and what colours I’m currently liking the most!

For almost a year now I have been getting my nails done at a place called ‘Star Nails’ in Kempston, Bedford (I’m sure you’ll be able to find it on google and they also have a Facebook page). I get OPI Gel nails which I prefer to acrylics as they do far less damage to your actual nails. A layer of thick gel is painted on top of your natural nail and then two coats of gel colour are painted over this, finishing with a hi-shine top coat. This makes my nails stronger and sturdier than before. I pay £20 to get my nails done and they last for AGES! They very rarely chip at all and they basically last until they grow out or until you go and get them done again! I try to get mine redone every three to four weeks to make sure that they are always in tip-top condition.

I sometimes go for nice, bright, summery colours but this month I had a job interview to go to so I opted for a much more natural, professional looking colour. I went for a nude/beige/pink colour and I will insert a few photos below: (although they have grown out a bit!)



If you would like to see some pictures of nails I have had done in previous months, feel free to check out my instagram page (Link at the bottom of the screen). I usually steer away from nail art patterns, purely because I am not sure of how long lasting they would be. If anyone has any experience of nail art on gel nails, please leave me a message and I would love to hear from you.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend 🙂


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  1. I absolutely love this color, it’s a really beautiful nude! I really like nail art. How long it’ll last you really depends on the nail tech that does your nails and the products they use. If they’re both good then your nails will last you a very long time ❤


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