My fragrance wardrobe

Hello everybody!

This is my spring 2017 fragrance wardrobe! I don’t have a huge range of perfumes but those that I do have, I tend to use on a fairly regular basis. I am going to share my favourites with you from a number of different price points; starting with the most affordable and finishing with the most luxurious. Despite the differences in price, I would say that I like them all equally and simply interchange them depending on what I feel like that morning.

Primark ‘Fleur’ – Perfume £8 for 100ml and body mist £3 for 150ml

I very rarely buy fragrances from fashion brands or shops as they usually don’t have tester bottles and I have just never seemed to find one that I really liked. ‘Fleur’ by Primark however is a completely different story! This was an impulse buy about a month ago, as it was lined up along the queues for the tills as I was waiting to pay (I’m a sucker for those bargains!). I love the smell of this floral fragrance! It is a base of peony and rose with a hint of cedar. I wear the body mist nearly everyday as it is such a light, fresh and feminine scent. Also, this perfume and bottle are clearly a dupe for the Jimmy Choo perfume that I have included further on in the list, at just a fraction of the price!

Lady Gaga ‘Fame’ – Eau de Parfum, approx £18 for 100ml (Amazon)

Image result for lady gaga fame

I’m being totally honest with you when I say I’m on my third bottle of this! ‘Fame’ was the first more affordable fragrance that I found and could see myself wearing as an everyday perfume. Again this has a peony petal base (can you see a theme here?) and is floral and fruity. What intrigued me about this originally was the black colouring as I thought ‘surely it will stain your clothes?’.. but the black chemicals in the perfume become clear once they are sprayed and react with the air. It’s so clever and creates such an effective look! The gold clasp looks very high end and the affordable price of this fragrance means I don’t worry about using it up to quickly.

Jimmy Choo ‘Eau de Parfum’ – RRP £49.99 per 60ml. Currently available on Amazon for £29.21!

Image result for jimmy choo eau de parfum

This was the first high-end perfume that I ever bought. I will insert a photo below of the comparison between this and the Primark dupe! (Left = Jimmy Choo. Right = Primark ‘fleur’).


Although the bottles are very similar, the fragrances are very notably different. I like the scents equally, however the Jimmy Choo perfume is stronger and less sweet – definitely more of an evening fragrance. The composition is made up of tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian patchouli; all of which sound heavenly. I’m also on my second bottle of this perfume.

Vera Wang ‘Love Struck’ Eau de Parfum – RRP £73 per 100 ml. Available on amazon for £20.18 per 100ml.

Image result for vera wang lovestruck 100ml

Okay firstly, how gorgeous is this bottle? It looks incredible to display on a shelf or a dressing table. I was actually bought this as a gift almost a year ago and I’ve certainly been making my way through it! This fragrance opens with notes of exotic and juicy pink guava and aquatic lotus flower, whilst woody notes and sheer musk form a solid perfume base. I can’t think of a Vera Wang fragrance so far that I haven’t absolutely adored and I want to try more of the ‘princess’ range too. This is such a great deal on Amazon and the comments and reviews section seem to agree that it is 100% genuine – so go and buy it before they sell out! You will not regret it!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing all about ‘my fragrance wardrobe’ and stay tuned for more exciting content! Have a beautiful day 🙂








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