New handbag purchase!

Is anybody else really fussy when it comes to the size of their handbag? They are always either too big and bulky or too small to fit all of my necessary rubbish! I have spend months trying to find the right balance between the two and today my prayers were answered.. in Dorothy Perkins (OUTFIT) of all places!


This is the ‘Black Mini Slip Pocket Tote Bag’ from Dorothy Perkins but I found it in my local OUTFIT store. I paid £25 but I’ve just been online to have a look and it’s actually been reduced further to £18.75! So, go and grab it quick before it sells out!


As I have made clear already, I think this is the perfect size for days where you need to take a fair few essentials but don’t necessarily need to fit your laptop or any A4 paperwork into your bag. It is a matte textured black fabric with a very pale pink contrasting trim and sides to the bag. The website describes this colour as ‘bone’ but it has a definite pale pink tint. The hardware on the bag and the detail on the zips is gold which is ideal for a lot of the outfits I am currently wearing; also a lot of my other bags have silver hardware so it is nice to have a change. This bag is very rigid and structured which I love as it is easier to find my stuff at the bottom and the bag will not lose its shape!



There are loads of different sections to this bag; 2 large zipped compartments – one with a pouch for your phone and lipstick and another zipped mini-pocket inside one of the larger ones. On the front is a ‘slip pocket’ which closes with a magnetic clasp, ideal for important cards or paperwork that you need to hand easily. Finally, it comes with a detachable cross-body strap which is so practical because sometimes I don’t want it on but other times I need it so that my hands can be free. I would totally recommend this bag to anyone who was in a similar situation to me and struggling to find an ideal sized, everyday handbag.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this review and have a wonderful day! 🙂




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