Bake Sale Recipes!

Hello everybody!

David and I have been baking all weekend for a charity bake sale at his work, which is aiming to raise money in aid of the MEMUSI foundation. MEMUSI support and provide resources for a number of schools out in Kenya. They help to build new classrooms, benches, kitchens, houses for the teachers and provide school supplies such as chalk and books. They also take any donations of clothes, shoes and toys to the children to help those who cannot afford any of their own. I thought I would share some of our recipes with you so that you too can bake and sell your creations to raise some money for your own charity! Here goes:

Lemon Traybake

Source: Lola’s Cupcakes. Lola’s cupcakes was the first cupcake book I ever bought and I thoroughly recommend investing in it ASAP. It is super cute and has some amazing ideas for all occasions! I will insert a few pictures below:

Vanilla Cupcakes

Also sourced from: Lola’s Cupcakes. I have made the vanilla cupcakes (more like muffins) a bajillion times as they are so versatile and the recipe can be tweaked for different occasions. Chocolate chips could be added or food colouring for a bolder effect. I like to experiment with different colours and flavours of icing and try different decorative/piping techniques.


These shortbread cookies were made with a recipe I found on the BBC GoodFood website. It was so quick and easy with just butter, plain flour and caster sugar being the only 3 ingredients needed. We cooked these for about 12 minutes at 190 degrees and decorated them with simple icing pens from Tesco (with the MEMUSI colours and designs of course!!).

We would love to raise as much money as possible from our bake sale.. to make as much of a difference as we can! We hope to do a bake sale each month in order to raise awareness of the charity and in order to encourage more donations! David and I are also trying to come up with other fundraising ideas that could be carried out in the workplace.. perhaps other things we could make and sell. We will keep you updated with these as we do them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and have a fabulous day!

K. x


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