Top 5 places I’d love to visit

Hello everybody,

Currently sitting on a train from Leicester to Bedford and staring out the window at the dark, gloomy February weather… and I find myself dreaming of sunny places far, far away. I thought I’d share with you my top 5 places that I want to visit in my young adult life. As I am finishing university in about 8 weeks (AAAAAAHH! HELP!!), the focus of my 2017 will be getting settled nicely into a job I enjoy and desperately saving for a house with my fiancé. We have agreed that in order to save faster we will go without a holiday this year and instead we’ll try and take a few day trips or activities instead (I think I’ll write a separate blog post about this or we could be here a while, ha-ha!). Anyway, once we have our deposit saved we will be able to save up for holidays again, so I thought I’d start making a cheeky list of lovely countries I want to visit. Here goes:


Lots of our friends are Italian and have given us some great recommendations of where to stay/visit. I’d love the fashion, food and culture. Also, pizza and ice-cream… need I say more? We hope to visit Italy next year and probably go somewhere in the south. Would love to see a mix of architectural buildings and sunny beaches.



Making a big jump here! My fiancé (David) went here for a charity project ‘MEMUSI’. I’ll write a whole other post about the wonderful work that MEMUSI does but here are a few photos from David’s trip!


We would love to do a safari experience together but we would also love to do anything we can to make a difference for the young children at the school that the MEMUSI foundation supports. The kiddies are so grateful and it only takes the smallest acts of kindness to change a person’s life forever. David has already said he wants to go back ASAP, and I’m desperate to join him! So, we better get saving!




David wants to go to Las Vegas for his Stag do! Ha-ha. I’m more interested in the shopping and sunny beaches; Miami, New York, San Fran! THE LOT!





Not only for the sights – but for the beer and the food too!





Sun, beaches, accents, again beers. BBQs.




Sweden for the food (David loves the meatballs in IKEA! Ha-ha!), music (Swedish House Mafia), and I generally just want to see what living there is like. Sweden seems like such a peaceful, happy place and i’d love to experience it for myself. Denmark – Hygge lifestyle and pastries. I have become very interested in Hygge recently – I feel like it really explains and sums up my whole life! Tea, fluffy slippers, comfy knitted jumpers, warm soup, pretty flowers, EVERYTHING! I can’t wait to visit one day.

I hope you really enjoyed this post, I had such a great time writing and creating it! I’m also very interested to hear of any other places that you guys are desperate to visit, so feel free to leave me a comment!

I wish you all safe travels and have a fantastic day! 🙂

K. x







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  1. Lost Queen says:

    Great post! Have you thought of going to Japan? I went last year for 2 months and it was honestly the most incredible place ever. I can’t wait to see where you end up going?


    1. Kath's Blog says:

      I would LOVE to go to Japan! I can’t believe I didn’t include it in my list!

      Liked by 1 person

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