Balayage hair: My experience

Hello everybody,

Here you go! As promised, a review of my Balayage hair colouring experience:

This is a picture of me before heading to the salon. My layers were chunky and did not sit properly with the rest of my hair. My hair already looked like it had some sort of Balayage effect but this was just what remained of a dodgy DIY dip-dye job I attempted a few years ago.. it had just faded out to look a bit more natural. I was happy with my overall hair colour but wanted something lighter going into spring/summer and fancied a change. I have loved the new Balayage hair style ‘craze’ and thought that I may as well give it a go!


This is also a before photo but in a better light at the salon 🙂 The process of colouring the hair was similar to when they use foils, however the dye is painted onto the hair in a much more careful manner. The stylist paints all the end of the hair but only some of the lengths to make it look like a more natural transition of colours. Then each small strip of hair was separated using these paper wraps to prevent the colour from spreading too much. This was a very long process as each small chunk of hair has to be painted individually. It took about two hours to paint and then about half an hour to rest and develop. For part of that time I was placed under a heater to help the dye take to the hair a bit faster. You can see in the photo below that the colourist did not put any dye on my roots or the top of my hair and also left some of the lengths untouched.


When the time was up (Finally!), they washed the colour out of my hair and put in a violet coloured toner. This is left on wet hair for about 5-10 minutes and helps to remove any yellowness in order to achieve a brighter blonde result – Toner pictured below:


After this, my hair was dried, the very ends cut off and my layers were made to be softer and more natural looking. AND I WAS FINISHED! All in all I was sat in the salon for three and a half hours! Personally, I loved the colouring experience. Often with DIY colour kits, you get that horrible, bleachy, ammonia smell.. but despite the fact that I was sat with it for so long, I didn’t smell it once. The bleach didn’t make my hair feel brittle or damaged at all.. something which I was quite worried about. Ready for the finished product…?



It is difficult to capture the accurate shade in a photograph. I have found that my hair looks a lot brighter in sunlight or outside that it does inside.. but I kinda like having a different colour depending on where I am :’) The cut and colour cost me £55 in total and I am very happy with it. I went to the Secret Salon, Queens Road, Leicester. The aftercare of Balayage dye is very easy. A standard colour protecting shampoo and conditioner will do the job, although I have opted for Pro-voke’s shampoo for silver, blonde or white hair. Its a shampoo with violet tones in it to help keep the blonde looking fresh! Don’t leave it on too long though.. or you will end up with purple hair.. A stern warning from my hairdresser! Ha-ha!

Thanks you for reading, feel free to ask any questions! Have a fantastic day 🙂

K. x







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