Favourite YouTubers:

Hello everybody,

Firstly, I should apologise for falling quiet for the past few days; however, you will have seen from my previous posts that I have January exams! Eeeek! I have been super busy revising all week and my exam is first thing in the morning – what better way to prepare the night before than by blogging! Ha-ha. Anyway, I have chosen to share with you my favourite YouTubers and their channels. I tend to follow fashion and beauty vloggers but I have thrown in a music channel for you too:

Fashion Mumblr (Josie Fear):

Image result for fashion mumblr

Image result for fashion mumblr

Josie started off blogging about fashion and then set up her YouTube channel about 2 years ago – already amassing a whopping 86,000 subscribers. I love all of Josie’s videos and find her inspirational in the way that she has followed her dreams and become very successful in such a competitive industry. I also follow her on instagram and find that her style isn’t too different to my own. Definitely check her out if you haven’t already!
Grav3yardgirl (Bunny Meyer)
Related image
Image result for grav3yardgirl sippy sippy
Bunny has almost 8 million subscribers and has been making videos on YouTube since 2010. I absolutely love watching her videos as she is such an incredible, inspirational person. She is 100% true to herself which I admire greatly. I also fin dher hilariously funny and I feel that I can truly relate to some of her infamous tea vlogs where she just talks to her fanbase to offload steam and her stresses. She is a truly incredible person that I would love to meet one day!
Jeffree Star
Image result for jeffree star
Image result for jeffree star
With over 3 million subscribers, Jeffree Star has had his fair share of causing controversy and perhaps saying things that he shouldn’t do. To be honest, I love to hate Jeffree and his videos; although I admire the success that he has made for himself and am equally jealous of the lifestyle that he can now afford. I also find Jeffree’s videos absolutely hilarious! Also.. he is make-up goals!
Image result for pentatonix
Image result for pentatonix
Pentatonix is a five-person accapella group with 12 million followers. They are incredibly talented and I have also got my housemates and my dad hooked on their videos. My favourite member, if i’m allowed to have one, is Avi Kaplan who provides the bass tones (Pictured in the hat in the top picture and on the far left in the bottom picture). PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT! My favourite tracks of theirs are; Royals, Little drummer boy, Halleluyah and Cheerleader!
I hope you love these YouTubers as much as I do. Have a wonderful day! 🙂
K. x



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