T2tea: Velvet Glitter Flask Gold

Hello everybody,

A new tea shop has opened in my local shopping centre and as soon as I visited, I had to share my thoughts with you. I had never heard of T2tea until very recently, however I am so glad I have now. I wish someone had introduced me sooner! This is their website and they have stores up and down the UK – https://www.t2tea.com/en/uk/Home

My first purchase was this gold hot drinks flask- For just £16!


Velvet Glitter Flask Gold

T2tea ship anywhere in the world, with free delivery on purchases over £30 for the UK and over £60 for the rest of the world; though with the beautiful products and designs on their website.. you won’t have trouble getting up to that amount! From beautiful teapots to unusual tea leaf combinations, this company truly have it all. Admittedly some of the nicest products are out of my price range, but they are wonderful ideas to ask for birthday and Christmas presents when you just can’t think of anything you want. I always think it’s nicer to ask for luxurious treats that you wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy for yourself, but you would love all the same.


Velvet Glitter Flask Gold

What I like about this product in particular is the fact that the inside is made from plastic. Previous travel cups that I have used from more affordable retailers such as Primark and New Look, have been metal on the inside; which although keeps the heat slightly longer, I find it stains easily. This mug is made form BPA free plastic which is much better for the environment but sadly is not dishwasher safe. The cup is nice and small to carry but still holds 250ml… plenty big enough for my morning coffee on the way to lectures!

Velvet Glitter Flask Gold

Finally, the gorgeous glitter gold is perfect for the winter season and keeps the feeling of Christmas and new year alive for just that little bit longer – I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet! Very happy with this beautiful mug and it also acts as a jazzy eye-catching accessory to my outfit when I’m carrying it around. Also available in silver, aqua blue and gunmetal grey.

Hope you found this post useful! Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

K. x


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