Mango, Strawberry, Pomegranate and Pineapple Smoothie! LUSH

Hello everybody,

Randomly decided to try out this smoothie combination today and had to share it! I’ve always been a fruit smoothie fan, but fruit is soooo expensive nowadays that I often can’t afford enough of the stuff to make as many smoothies as I would like. My number 1 tip though – Head to the shops and buy the stuff that is reduced and due to go out of date the same day or the day after! A lot of the pre-chopped fruit pots can be well under half price… and can even be frozen once you get them home! (Cha-Ching!) We ALWAYS love a bargain.


Today’s ingredients:



-Pomegranate seeds


-Semi-skimmed milk

4 out of my 5-a-day in one drink isn’t bad! And tastes delicious! 😉 I found that it doesn’t really matter how much of each fruit you put in, trying different combinations can be great fun! Also for anyone wondering, I use the Breville Blend Active to make my smoothies, soups and even ice-slushies in the summer. It’s even great for chopping up nuts and other bits to go into baking. Relatively well priced, I bought this from my local Tesco store.

I hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy your healthy smoothies 🙂

K. x



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